“We all like to save money these days BUT let’s see how to do it with style. LEDs save money on electrical bills by generating less heat, requiring less cooling and by drawing less power while continuing to output effective light. That’s the “good” about LEDs. What is the “bad”? Glare – look at the first 2 photos.

#1. Depending on the rail used to house the LEDs, there can be glare as the customer looks into the case.

#2. The 2nd photo shows unintended consequences – LEDs reflecting in the back of the wallcase. 

#3. The 3rd photo shows a missed opportunity – no interior lighting BUT it does give the jeweler an option to move the case. Additional outlets in the floor plus a curly cord plug-in would have solved both problems.

#4. Ah-h-h – this case works perfectly. No glare and the correct colour temperature.


#5. Having fun with RGB LEDs – colour changing LEDs – directed on the ceiling, not affecting the merchandise.

#6. In a strip center, this could be a real eye catcher at night – program the colours to cycle and change. As a customer drives by, this catches his eye and prints the store on his memory. Ensure that the words “jewelry” or “diamonds” appear in your sign and you have a new customer.”


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