The specs: The retail space is 1500 square feet. 1260 square feet of retail and 240 square feet of office, an ADA compliant bathroom and stock room.

Client’s challenge – Four steel pipe columns down the length of the store were originally encased in giant-sized columns. The Wedgewood blue storefront was dated. The store didn’t reflect the quality of the merchandise sold.

GRID/3 solution – New column enclosures of ornate translucent acrylic with lighting behind were designed and integrated into the custom showcase design as an architectural detail. LED light rails float behind the UV bonded glass, highlighting the jewelry in the showcases. 2 species of wood-grain veneer add interest to the casework. The new color scheme of neutral shades and the trademark blue contribute contemporary casual warmth.

Final word – “Blue is remarkably blue in Skaneateles. Our store takes its name from the Native American word for Long Lake with whom we are so connected,” says Wes Davis, one of the owners. The fifth-generation family store retained its color in a new logo. The all-glass door, flanked by generous display windows, contributes to a welcoming airy feeling. A doggy water bowl is a permanent feature of the entrance through spring, summer and fall.



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