Shetler Wade Jewelers, San Antonio, TX

The Specifications:

Our clients have a 900 square foot space on the main floor of a large bank building in an affluent area of San Antonio.  Back of the office space is on the 4th floor.

Client’s Challenge

Much of the merchandise was sold out of vintage armoires with many shelves, none of which were well lit.  In the store, there were three small rooms.  1 staff room with space for gift wrapping, steamer and ultra-sonic; 1 as the floor manager’s office; 1 as the safe room.  3 staff members worked behind the 2 main diamond cases, where the POS was located, causing constant bottle necks for staff working with customers.  1 antique diamond showcase used for side by side selling had a drawer that consistently refused to open.  The manager’s office was a waste of space.  Our clients needed the store to function better and to be visually refreshed..

GRID/3 Solution

To improve operations, the space needed a new layout.  We changed the door to the safe room, designing a small angled POS station beside the relocated door.  We changed the location of the door to the staff room, rearranging some of the functions inside.  We knocked down the wall and door in front of the manager’s office.  Some of the armoires were sold, replaced with contemporary wall vitrines.  Those armoires that remain were relocated and lit with Feelux LED tape lights.  4 new showcases were built to match the existing 3 contemporary ones.  The office area behind the diamond cases was reworked to function better with 2 new diamond cases in front of it. Michelle Shetler chose the finishes.

Final Word

“Things are going so well!  The design you helped us with is wonderful, we are already seeing so many benefits long-term.  We are so grateful for your eye!!”  Kelly Wade Fry

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