The specs – MORRE LYONS JEWELERS was asked by Rolex to renovate the Rolex area of the store to bring it in line with the new Rolex shop in shop concept. MORRE LYONS JEWELERS took this opportunity to renovate the remaining areas of the store to better promote their other merchandise, to maximize the function and space and to increase their sales.  In addition, since this store is in a dated strip center, our clients decided to redo the storefront, making it more open and contemporary.


Client Challenges – Originally our clients had thought to design the Rolex department, replace the existing Rolex boutique with walk-up wall-case / showcase fixtures, update the showcase island, keep their office on the floor and redo the storefront.  However, as we discussed the additional cases they wanted, including a strong diamond sit-down area and a new cash / gift wrap / repair take-in / workstation on the floor, it became apparent that bigger ideas were necessary.


GRID/3 Solution – Working closely with Rolex, we came up with a footprint for their new boutique.  We kept the existing mirror clad columns but designed a new showcase island around them with the corners filled with existing towers.  Custom designed wall-case / showcase wall units, window displays and a new diamond sit-down area with a workstation increased the footage in the store considerably.  A smaller owner office was designed at the back, right hand side of the store with large new cash-wrap / repair take-in counters in front of it.  New, energy efficient LED lighting and ceiling design enhance the store, with different colour temperatures for Rolex watches compared with the diamonds and coloured stones.  Metallic hued laminates on the cases, a rich dark carpet chosen by the owners and a feature wallpaper behind the diamonds highlight the walnut, green, marbled floored Rolex boutique.  The support office behind the store and the basement storage area were reorganized by the owners.


Final Word – The owners of MORRE LYONS JEWELERS hand pick new and exciting designers instead of duplicating the big box department store brands.  The result is a beautiful collection of eclectic designs in all price ranges for every taste which is shown off to advantage in the custom designed, light filled, airy store, highlighted by the Rolex boutique.


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