The specs: Our client bought land and built a small strip center in this affluent suburb of Jackson.  Front and center of this strip is his 5300 square foot store which has a mezzanine over 1/3 of it.  We designed the interior of this store in conjunction with Canizaro•Cawthon•Davis Architects of Jackson, MI.

Client’s challenge – Juniker Jewelry is a fourth generation jewelry store.  They had been in a smaller store in Highland Village in Jackson for almost 20 years.  This was a big move which realized a dream of John Ravenstein, the president of the firm.

GRID/3 solution – Much drawing and many discussions between the customer, GRID/3 and the architects resulted in a layout with angled showcases, a number of service desks throughout the retail space and many walk-up cases.  In addition, we planned the spaces behind the long cash/repair/wrap desk to include desks and counters and the staff facilities with 2 bathrooms.  On the floor are 4 windowed private offices and a customer bathroom.

The client wanted carpet throughout the retail space for comfort but commercial vinyl strips in front of the service desk and into the vault for ease of maintenance and wearability.

There is a 16’-0” ceiling in the retail space.  In order to bring the lighting to a 9’-0” level over the showcases, GRID/3 designed the lighting in 2 light weight soffits that ring the casework.  Stunning contemporary LA2 Technology contemporary chandeliers highlight the front island.

All of the casework was designed in conjunction with Artco – the Ravensteins and I spent 2 ½ days at their facility in Miami going over the image and the functioning of all of the casework.  Shop drawings were reviewed by Rachel Ravenstein and myself.

Final word – 4th generation Corey Ravenstein told me “We have been very pleased with our customer’s reaction when they see the new store.  We could not have done it without your guidance, and vision.”

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