The specs: This is the renovation of a very narrow (13’-9” wide) store with a retail footprint of 1335 square feet in a thriving downtown location in Astoria.

Client’s challenge – There are big wall-cases down both sides of the space which were not being removed.  The client had purchased beautiful used cases that were to be used in the space.  The floor sloped as you entered the store.

GRID/3 solution – Much back and forth between the customer & GRID/3 resulted in a curved, sinuous layout for the cases.  The glass was removed from the wall-cases on the left and Larry Johnson of his namesake consulting firm advised on adding specific displays and photographs within these cases.  GRID/3 created 3 colour schemes, communicated with 3 colour boards, each finish numbered + a photograph of the existing store with the new finishes marked. Holly chose one emphasizing the burgundy of her brand with metallic deep pink, soft gold and vanilla playing against tones of grey.

Final word – “It is done!  Thank you Ruth for your help in getting the design for our long and narrow store together with the layout.  There is NO way we could have done it without you.”  Holly McHone.

The photographs show what can be accomplished with used cases, a knowledgeable designer and a creative client.

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