The specs: 3700 square feet with 850 square feet of backroom including David’s Internet business office, sometimes used as a private viewing area. The remaining 2850 square feet is a showroom.

Client challenge    Though the available space was generous and in a high-traffic area, it had a very low ceiling and an odd-shaped space

GRID/3 Solution     Kovar’s plans took advantage of the shape creating an interesting traffic flow with a combination of carpet and large porcelain floor tiles directing customers through a series of showcases and around a squared showcase island. The custom-tempered glass and stainless steel storefront with two large display windows attracts considerable foot traffic. A lighting scheme utilizing LED and LED lighting strips echoes the store layout; it can adjust as new showcases are added.

Final word: “My new store is my personal expression of freedom and a dream I have held since falling in love with gemstones as a boy and training as a professional gemologist in Russia. My store in America with its warmth and welcome says it all.” says owner David Ustaev.





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